The BEST of Key West

"Key West Fishing"

Ideal for all you avid anglers or the weekend warriors who want to wet a line and get away from the cold winter weather. Come and be kissed by the sunshine while fishing the warm, crystal clear Key West waters where we specialize in sharks, ‘cudas, permit, and cobia in season. All sight fishin’!

Get your adrenaline pumpin’ as a wolf pack of ‘cudas charge your lure. And as he grey hounds outa the water and crashes down on your bait, the fight is on.. they jump, peel line at an amazing rate of speed, and will fight to the death.

After your ‘cuda catchin’, it’s off to the nearby flats or wrecks to get the chum overboard. It usually doesn’t take long ’til ya have plenty of hungry predators looking for an easy meal. As the first fin appears your heart will beat double time as he hones in on his target and you realize he is only feet from your bait, he stops, circles, tails up and a mud appears and SHARK ONNN!

Whatta rush!

We can’t forget about the ‘Brown Shark’ of the flats and wrecks ~ the Cobia. These fish inhabit the nearby wrecks and can be found riding the backs of Rays and big sharks on the flats. These fish will surely give any angler a true test of their skills and spirit on light tackle. Bring your catch to the local waterfront restaurant where they will cook it for you to enjoy some of the most delectable table fair you’ll have tasted.

And last, but definitely not least, try your luck at the chance to catch the elegant Permit. These fish will fight to the death, like a giant jack on steroids. They can be caught on wrecks and also sight fished on the flats. We promise the first time you see the beautiful black “V” protruding from the surface, tailed up eating crustaceans, your heart will skip a few beats. When he eats, and you watch the line scream off the reel at an amazing speed, the skipped beats will move straight into a heart rate of someone that just ran a marathon!!!

Best Months: DEC – MAR, but can be enjoyed year-round.

Price: $400 – $1200. Depends on # of people, length of trip and month of the year. Discount for Veterans.

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