Amazing Tarpon Jumps

Jun - 07 2012 | By

The Tarpon, also known as the Silver King, is one of the most sought after trophy fish on this planet for good reason. They put on an aerial show that is arguably the best in the sea. The power and might with which they fight makes the battle one of strength and endurance. Normal fish merely jump, but tarpon skyrocket towards the heavens violently shaking in efforts to shake the hook that binds them ~ all that stands between their freedom and a photo of a lifetime for our clients 🙂

"tarpon landed in the water"

“Bow to the King” has become the popular catch phrase for the technique used to maximize the odds of boating this fish. When “bowing”, one drops their rod tip and points it at the airborne beauty flipping through the sky while reeling. This technique  minimizes the odds that the hook is thrown. But even the most valiant and error free angler efforts can’t ensure a successful catch and release. Nevertheless, it is an exhilarating experience that keeps anglers in hot pursuit time and time again.

The following video demonstrates how the Silver King has come to earn his worthy title!!

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