Capt. Bo featured on Right This Minute TV!

Aug - 09 2016 | By

Once again, Capt. Bo Jonson and his passionate fishing antics have perked the interest of Right This Minute TV. Specializing in must-see video content before it goes viral, it’s easy to see why they wanted to feature the action. ENJOY!

right this minute

 “This has to be the catch of the century. Tenacity Guide Service’s offshore charter boat reeled in a gigantic surprise. At the end of the line was a Goliath Grouper that can range between 400 to 450 pounds. Captain Bo was helping his client get photographic evidence in the water with the huge Grouper, but that’s when it got a little fishy. The Goliath Grouper slapped Captain Bo across the face with his fin. When the crew didn’t get the touchy message the first time, it slapped the back of the guy in the water. Luckily, no one was harmed in this crazy excursion.”

Hosted By: Charity  Written By: Shannon S  Found By: Betsy
Posted: 8/6/16 05:00 AM MST


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