Backcountry Flats Fishing

"Backcountry Fishin' the Flats"

The backcountry of SW Florida is world-renowned for its sight-fishing. Here anglers will combine their hunting and fishing skills as there is nothing better than presenting an artificial bait, whether it’s with a fly, spoons, jigs or plastic. There is no greater thrill than sneaking up on a tailing redfish and presenting the perfect cast and ” fish on “! Then there is the elusive snook – this fish is the ultimate tackle tester. An excellent fighter, he’ll test your skill as angler and fight like a largemouth Bass on steroids. Sea trout also prowl these same lush grass flats, ready and willing to slam any thing that makes a commotion on the top of the water, be it plug or fly. And near shore, permit, cobia and tripletail [buoy fish] inhabit the trap lines. These fish are all excellent adversaries on either light tackle or a fly rod.

Best Months: Year-round!!!

Price: $700 – $1600. Depends on # of people, length of trip and month of the year. Discount for Veterans. Call 816.804.0838 to discuss.

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