Goliath Grouper Tug-O-War

"Goliath Grouper Tug-O-War"

This excursion is the ultimate adrenaline rush of the fishing world. From inshore to 20 miles off shore. Choose to fight the mighty goliath grouper by rod n reel -OR, if ya really want to test your game, ya can go one on one with just a rope and your hands. You pick it and we stick it! And YOU pull!!!!

These fish are between 100 and 800 lbs!!!

Wanna hand line?? Come test your game and see if you can beat Capt. Bo Johnson’s record of yankin’ a 400lb out of 60 feet of water in 27 seconds or First Mate Deidra wranglin’ up a 250 lbder out of 60 feet in 1 min. 30 sec.

Best Months: Year-round!!!

Price: $800 – $1700. Depends on # of people and location. Discount for Veterans. Call 816.804.0838 to discuss.

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"Bo hand lines goliath grouper"

"D hand lines goliath grouper"

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